Spinning Flagpole Kit

Ideal for residences where a traditional freestanding flagpole isn't the best fit, Durable Flags presents the Spinning Flagpole kit, complete with a premium 3' x 5' American Flag and an adjustable bracket. What sets this pole apart is its innovative design, allowing it to rotate freely alongside the flag, drastically reducing the chances of flag entanglement.


You can choose between a sleek silver or a pristine white finish, both of which include a decorative ball finial, enhancing the overall flag presentation. With 13 adjustable positions, including both vertical and horizontal options, the mounting bracket is highly versatile and adaptable to most locations.


This high-quality, spinning flagpole set is attractively priced, making it a perfect addition to any home!



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Product Offerings

Although we provide a diverse range of promotional materials, including Logo flags, Avenue Banners, Table Throws, Feather flags, and more, the core of our business has consistently revolved around US Flags and Commercial and Residential Flagpoles. As one of the Midwest's largest resellers of US Flags, we cater to prominent flag format clients like Camping World, Perkins, Chick-fil-A, car dealerships, banks, manufacturing facilities, and many others.

Our Patented Reinforcement System for US Flags is the only system to hold a valid Patent in the country. Many different reinforcement system have been tried, but this one is the only one that earned a Patent because it actually does the intended job, extending fly time on the flagpole. Our Patent has been in place for many years locally, and has earned the trust of companies featured in the graphic on the right.

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