100% American-Made

Every US Flag and flagpole we offer is crafted entirely from American materials and labor.

Made from only the highest premium materials

Our American flags are exclusively constructed from the finest materials available. Most flag manufacturers utilize standard 200 denier (200 threads per inch) Nylon, which is sourced from a limited number of manufacturers and then branded with names like Endura-Nylon, SolarMax, Nyl-Glo, All Weather Nylon, and more. This Nylon is exceptionally sturdy, durable, and designed for outdoor use. It maintains remarkable strength under UV exposure and boasts superior tensile and tear strength. Its robustness enhances overall performance and resists UV fading, allowing for vivid, long-lasting colors. Additionally, Nylon fabric excels in washfastness and light-fastness, ensuring that our flags retain their pristine appearance.

Production Process Matters

Beware of flag sellers claiming that their Nylon flags outlast all others on the market! The durability of Nylon flags is not solely determined by the material itself but relies heavily on the production process and sewing techniques employed by the manufacturer. Our manufacturer, Eder Flag and Flagpole, utilizes only the most proven methods to create flags of the highest quality. Over our 20-plus years in the industry, we've evaluated numerous products until we found Eder Flag, whose manufacturing excellence is unrivaled. We confidently stand behind the superior quality of our flags, ready to compete with any other supplier in the market! For more details on Eder's exceptional flag-making processes, click here.