Introducing the only Patented Flag Reinforcement System in the United States!

Numerous methods have been experimented with in order to enhance the longevity of flags on flagpoles. These attempts have included additional stitching on the flag's hem, single corner reinforcement panels, vertical stitching along the stripes at the hem, and various efforts to bolster flag durability.

Other reinforcement systems have been offered to us, but we discovered that their systems don't come close to matching the performance of our locally patented solution, which was developed right here in Omaha.

After exhaustively exploring all the options, we adopted this system many years ago. It outperformed all other systems we had previously employed, prompting us to make the switch. In fact, we were so impressed with its performance that we acquired the patent!

While it may come at a slightly higher cost compared to some of the other systems out there, the difference is unquestionably justified!

As Teague Williams from Camping World in Sioux Falls, SD, attests: "We proudly fly large 40' x 80' US Flags, and I've never seen a flag last as long on our pole as this one. What a great product!"

Our Durable Reinforcement (DR) option guarantees the longest-lasting Nylon or Poly-MAX US Flags available on the market today, without exception!

We stand behind our promise that our DR US Flags will outlast any standard Nylon or Poly-MAX flag currently on the market, or we will happily refund your purchase.